Jiangxi Yono Industry Development Co., Limited
About Us
Jiangxi Yono Industry Development Co., Limited (JXYONO) is the professional wholesale price supplier and the exporter of flavours and fragrances , natural essential oils, synthetic aromatic chemicals , phase transfer catalyst and fluoride chemicals with more than ten years experience in China. Cooperation with local factories and the first grade shipping agents for both the general and dangerous goods shipping ensure the first hand goods price and shipping price to save goods and the freight cost. We have a good team of professional international traders. We are working on minimizing your cost and maximizing your porfit. JXYONO locates in Nanchang, Jiangxi which is the flavors and fragrances base in China, the world-famous natural linalool, linalyl acetate, natural camphor powder , natural borneol flake and synthetic aromatic oils : myrcene, dihydromyrcenol, terpinyl acetate are from Jiangxi. Also one of the biggest phase transfer catalyst manufacturer and fluorie manufacturer built new factory in Jiangxi. Natural essential oils including: eucalyptus globulus oil, eucalyptol, litsea cubeba oil, natural citral ,citronella oil, geranium oil, wintergreen oil, estragole, anise oil, anethole, dihydro-anethole, anisaldeyde, natural borneol blakes, natural camphor powder, camphor oil, white camphor oil, linalool, Linalyl acetate, terpineol, natural α-terpineol, natural 4-terpinenol, natural γ-terpinenes, natural β-caryophyllene, aromadendrene, natural sabinene, natural, natural borneol flake etc. Synthetic aromatic fragrances including : pine oil, terpineol, dihydroterpineol, terpinyl acetate, dihydroterpinyl acetate, terpinolene, longifolene, isolongifolene, nopol, nopyl acetate, myrcene, dihydromyrcenol, dihydromyrcene, anethole, anisaldehyde, dihydroanethole, synthetic camphor powder, isobornyl acetate, camphene, borneol blakes, para cyrnene , dipentene, isoborneol, crystalline sodium acetate, anhydrous sodium acetate, isobornyl meth acrylate, diphenyl ether, terpinolene, guaiazulene, isolongifolone peach aldehyde, cocoanut aldehyde, etc. Phase transfer catalyst including: Quaternary ammonium salt Quaternary phosphonium salt Quaternary ammonium hydrate Crown ether, etc. Fluoride including: Fluoroborate series: Fluoric acid, Sodium fluoroborate, Potassium fluoroborate, Ammonium fluoroborate Silicofluoride series: Fluorosilicate, Ammonium silifofluoride, Potassium siliconfluoride, Sodium silicofluoride Fluoride series: Ammonium bifluoride, Magnesium fluoride, Sodium bifluoride, Potassium bifluoride, Barium Fluoride, Hydrofluoric acid, Zink fluoride, Aluminum fluoride, Sodium fluoride, Potassium fluoride, Ammonium Fluoride, Reagent hydrofluoric acid Fluozirconate/ Fluotitanic salts: Potassium fluotitanate, Ammonium fluorozirconate, Potassium fluozirconate Fluoaluminic acid series: Potassium tetrafluoro aluminate, Synthetic cryolite, Ammonium Hexafluoroaluminate. Other series: Potassium hexafluorophosphate, Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, Sodium phosphate, Sodium nitrate, Sodium nitrite, Boric acid, Silica white. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia. Welcome to enquire us, we are glad to offer you good products with good price.
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